Image of 150th Anniversary Seal and orignial and current headquarters.

Celebrating Our 150th Anniversary

Founded in 1871, Brookline Bank "...was established with a commitment to provide a safe depository and convenient services to the Brookline community it served."  Since then, the number of communities we serve has grown, as have the breadth of customers and services we offer.  Now at 150, our commitment to be "...a reliable, trustworthy and local banking institution" continues as strong as ever.

How We Are Celebrating

While the pandemic caused a scaling back of our more public 150th Anniversary plans, we are celebrating with service enhancements for our customers beginning with a new, modern Online & Mobile Banking system introduced in March. Other exciting news is in store including enhancements to our website, additional online services, and more.

Image of Brookline Bank History Books

We Wrote the Book(s) 

For our centennial in 1971, a commemorative book was published chronicling the years since our founding. We've marked our 150th Anniversary with a sequel: Brookline Bank - 1971-2021 - Years of Transformation. This all-new book covers the significant growth and strategic moves that have made us what we are today: a full-service, commercial bank serving Greater Boston and much of eastern Massachusetts.

Interested in reviewing the original, with history all the way back to 1871?  View it here.

More on Our 150th

We are proud of our long history of service, and so is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, which delivered this formal citation to us.  For more on our take on turning 150, read our Press Release.