Darryl & Company 

Darryl & Company is a series of short, Zoom-based interviews with local business and community leaders and Brookline Bank's President & CEO, Darryl Fess.

Darryl & Co. with Michael Bobbitt

The Arts are an important part of our lives. In this edition of Darryl & Company, hear Michael J. Bobbitt, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Cultural Council, speak to the significant economic role they also play.

Darryl & Co. with Bob Murray

Businesses of all sizes can now easily make foreign payments in local currency. Our FX expert, Bob Murray, explains why this strategy makes sense.

Darryl & Co. with Janice Goodman

Janice, owner of Cityscapes, speaks to the fate of office plants during the pandemic, and how they can welcome employees back to the workplace.

Darryl & Co. with Tom O'Neill

Tom provides a reassuring perspective on the economy for the near term, and a pointed opinion on where we can do better.

Darryl & Co. with Amy Schectman

2Life Communities has been a shining star for low-income seniors during the pandemic.  It's all about community!

Darryl & Co. with Dr. Charles Anderson

Hear how The Dimock Center is making a difference providing health services in our communities.

Darryl & Co. with Jim Brett

Sit in on Darryl's interview with Jim Brett, President & CEO of the New England Council.

Darryl & Co. with Dave Madan

Learn about the Builders of Color Coalition and more as Dave Madan visits with Darryl.

Darryl & Co. with Robin Brown

Hospitality industry veteran, Robin Brown, joins Darryl to discuss the current and future state of the industry, and more. 

Darryl & Co. with Joanne Chang

In this edition, Darryl's guest is renowned restaurateur and baker, Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery+Cafe and Myers+Chang.