The ACCESSPLUS Checking account rewards you with more access to free ATMs and savings on many Brookline Bank services - and you can waive the monthly maintenance fee with Direct Deposit or by using the combined balance of all deposits and select loans*.

ACCESSPLUS Features Include:

  • Unlimited free use of over 7,500 ATMs in the SUM® program
  • Free Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay and eStatements
  • Free initial order of standard checks
  • Free Mastercard® Debit Card
  • Free overdraft transfers from savings or money market account
  • A companion ACCESS Savings account
  • The ability to waive the monthly maintenance fee using combined balances*

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*Combined balance is calculated by adding together: a.) the average daily balance of all your non-retirement savings, checking and money market accounts since their last statement date (or interest posting date, for passbook accounts); b.) the current balance of all your CDs and IRA accounts, as of your checking account's statement date; and c.) the current outstanding principal balance of all your home equity lines/loans, reserve credit, personal loans, and mortgages held by Brookline Bank, as of your checking account's statement date. Auto loans obtained through a car dealership are not combined.