Savings & Money Market Accounts

We offer a choice of accounts that enable you to keep your short term savings liquid, FDIC-insured, and easily accessible. Compare the accounts below and choose which works best for you.

PREMIERACCESS Money Market Account

Our PREMIERACCESS Money Market account pays a premium, tiered rate of interest that increases with higher balances. It is available to PREMIERACCESS and ACCESSPLUS Checking customers with no minimum balance requirement or monthly fee and balances can be used towards waiving monthly fees on checking.

ACCESS Money Market Account

Our ACCESS Money Market account is designed for customers who want to earn higher rates for higher savings balances, with the added benefit of check access. Plus, you can combine your ACCESS Money Market account with other Brookline Bank accounts on one statement for easier account management.

ACCESS Savings Account

A complementary ACCESS Savings account comes with all Brookline Bank checking accounts. It earns a higher interest rate than our Statement Savings account, and can be combined with your other Brookline Bank accounts on one statement to simplify managing your accounts.

Statement Savings Account

Our Statement Savings account is perfect for customers who are looking for a low cost way to watch their money grow. This account requires a low minimum balance to help you begin moving toward your financial goals, with flexibility and easy access to your account at your nearest Brookline Bank office or ATM.

Compare our Savings and Money Market accounts.