Protecting Your Business

Businesses can face unique challenges and greater threats to security than individuals. To help combat these growing threats, we offer the following services and recommendations to protect your business against unauthorized access to accounts and business information.

How We Help You Protect Your BusinessMan checking email on laptop computer

These general services are available to all business customers:

  • Greater security with our Online & Mobile Banking platforms for businesses, including multi-factor authentication
  • ACH blocks & filters - to avoid unauthorized electronic charges to your accounts
  • Alerts & notifications - via email or text 
  • Stop payments

Our Cash Management Online system offers added layers of security with:

  • Proprietary secure browser
  • Unique user permission with dual control
  • Check and Payment fraud detection via Positive Pay
  • Company administrator controls
  • Audit reporting

How You Can Protect Your Business

Much of keeping your business and account-related information safe requires constant vigilance and employee training. Here are steps all businesses should take:

  • Monitor your accounts closely. Watch out for unusual activity and be sure to also report any unusual or suspicious activity to the bank as soon as possible.
  • Train employees to recognize phishing and business email compromise scams. All employees should learn the importance of protecting the information they regularly manage to help reduce any exposure to the business.
  • Limit administrative capabilities for systems. Limit the number of employees who have access to sensitive information. When employees leave company, be sure to remove their access to your systems and do not share usernames and passwords.
  • Develop, document and adhere to your own company approval process for payment transactions and wire transfers. This will help you identify unusual transactions and requests when they are received.
  • Question changes to normal payment activity and research before releasing payments. Pay attention to your instincts - if a payment doesn’t seem right, question it. Contact your vendor immediately.
  • Install data breach prevention tools, including intrusion detection. Ensure employees are actually monitoring the detection tools. It is important to not only try to prevent a breach, but to make sure that if a breach occurs, you are aware as soon as possible. Time is of essence.
  • Put a plan in place to manage a data breach. If a breach occurs, there should be a clear protocol outlining which employees are part of the incident response team, including their roles and responsibilities.
  • Keep your web browser and software up to date.  Always accept the most recent updates.
  • Update security software patches in a timely manner. Regularly maintain security protections on your operating system. 
  • Protect your login credentials and password. Review our Password Protection Tips and change your password immediately if you suspect any suspicious account activity.
  • Protect your email accounts.  Use two-factor authentication for your account to help protect unauthorized users from gaining access. 
  • Keep your contact information updated. Make sure we have a recent phone number- especially a cell phone number and email address on file.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account(s) please contact us immediately. 

Business Online & Mobile Banking Customers - 877-668-2265

Cash Management Online Customers - 617-927-7927